Larsen Group provides a wide range of services.  You can click on a specific topic to go to information regarding your area of interest.  Or you may scroll down to the comprehensive listing of our services, crossing all three focus areas (Leadership, Coaching, Teams).

Leadership Development


Executive Coaching


Team Development


A Comprehensive listing of our services

Executive Coaching
We help senior executives, seasoned professionals, and business owners identify and develop their leadership potential (a wide range of coaches and coaching styles are available to match the client’s particular needs, personality, and area of endeavor)

We provide facilitation to cover a broad range of needs:

  • Strategic Planning (various styles and methodologies are available)
  • Climate Intervention
  • Team orientation (getting consensus and moving forward)
  • Identifying and eliminating inhibitors
  • Getting a team/product/sales effort/initiative “un-stuck”
  • Organizational transformation
  • Helping people change
  • Increasing effectiveness as leaders
  • Reinventing your organization
  • Accelerating success
  • Improving communications
  • Crafting a powerful one-page strategic plan.
  • Culture melding when two groups or companies merge
  • Customized facilitation sessions

We provide education on a number of topics for both large groups and small:

  • Leadership (a number of different approaches are available)
  • Sales Strategy & Tactics
  • Sales Management
  • Sales team training
  • Training managers to identify and develop top talent
  • Helping good and capable leaders become great leaders
  • Helping good teams become great teams
  • Customized training is available, based on specific client needs
  • Training can be onsite or at a venue we arrange for (a wide range of cost profiles are available)


  • Account Planning
  • Sales Opportunity Planning
  • Sales Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Effectively Navigating Your Growth Curve
  • Accelerating Progress Toward Optimal Profitability
  • Turning Your Good People Into Top Talent
  • Developing Fully Engaged, High Performing Team
  • Multi-Generational Management
  • HiPo (High Potential young professional) career consulting

 Growing Company Consulting
We advise owners and leaders of growing companies how to prepare for what’s next and identify winning strategies for growth

We provide speakers on leadership topics for client events both large and small, from large event keynotes to small management  retreats

Customized Offerings

After a consultation with a company which may include a 360 assessment tool, our coaches and consultants can create a customized program, drawing from our team’s wide range of abilities and experiences