Team Development


We provide facilitation for your teams, large or small,  to cover a broad range of needs:

  • Strategic Planning (various styles and methodologies are available)
  • Climate Intervention
  • Team orientation (getting consensus and moving forward)
  • Identifying and eliminating inhibitors
  • Getting a team/product/sales effort/initiative “un-stuck”
  • Reinventing your organization
  • Accelerating success
  • Improving communications
  • Crafting a powerful one-page strategic plan.
  • Culture melding when two groups or companies merge
  • Customized facilitation sessions


We provide education on a number of topics for both large teams and small teams:

  • Leadership (a number of different approaches are available)
  • Sales Strategy & Tactics
  • Sales team training
  • Helping good teams become great teams
  • Customized training is available, based on specific client needs
  • Training can be onsite or at a venue we arrange for (a wide range of cost profiles are available)


Our consultants can work with your team on a variety of topics in a wide range of engagement styles:

  • Account Planning
  • Sales Opportunity Planning
  • Teamwork
  • Accelerating Progress Toward Optimal Profitability
  • Developing Fully Engaged, High Performing Team
  • Multi-Generational Workforce

We provide speakers on leadership topics for client events both large and small, from large event keynotes to small management  retreats

Customized Offerings

After a consultation with a company which may include a 360 assessment tool, our coaches and consultants can create a customized program, drawing from our team’s wide range of abilities and experiences