The many definitions of coach

In other cultures and languages, coaches are known by many different names and titles.

In Japan, a “sensei” is one who has gone farther down the path

  • In martial arts, it is the designation for master.

In Sanskrit, a “guru” is one with great knowledge and wisdom

  • “Gu” means darkness, and “ru” means light
  • a guru takes someone from darkness into the light.

In Tibet, a “lama” is one with spirituality and authority to teach

  • In Tibetan Buddhism, the Dalai Lama is the highest ranking teacher.

In Italy, a “maestro” is a master teacher of music

  • It is short for “maestro de cappella,” meaning master of the chapel

In France, a “tutor” is a private teacher

  • The term dates to the fourteenth century and refers to one who served as a watchman.

In England, a “guide” is one who knows and shows the way

  • It denotes the ability to see and point out the better course.

In Greece, a “mentor” is a wise and trusted advisor

  • In The Odyssey, Homer’s Mentor was a protective and supportive counselor.

All these words describe the same role: one who goes before and shows the way.

from Aspire
by Kevin Hall


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