Tom Stevens

Tom Stevens

Leadership advisor, executive coach, professional speaker, and master facilitator, Tom brings clients over two decades of leadership expertise, spanning business, non-profit, and public organizations. He was a teacher and therapist before serving a dozen years as the top executive of a growing family service agency. In 2001 he launched a new career focused on helping high-potential leaders to create and sustain exceptional organizations. Tom is the author of over a hundred leadership articles and podcasts in circulation around the world, and he is a professional member of the National Speakers Association. Applying his leadership approach within his hometown community, Tom is in his fourth term serving as Mayor of Hillsborough, NC.

A seasoned leadership advisor, executive coach, master facilitator, and professional speaker – as well as artist and small town mayor – Tom is known for cultivating fresh, unconventional, and practical perspectives that help leaders unleash personal and organizational talent.

Tom works with executives, business owners, and knowledge professionals who seek leadership insight and know-how for creating and sustaining exceptional organizations. His clients have included global corporations, universities and colleges, hospitals, professional practices, mid-sized and small businesses, trade associations, chambers of commerce, entrepreneurial businesses owners, and enterprising non-profits.

Tom views work with his clients as a partnership, where he brings to the table three decades of experience serving as a catalyst for personal, professional, and organizational growth. After years of developing expertise in clinical counseling and human behavior, Tom gained practical leadership and management experience serving 12 years as the chief executive of a family services agency, guiding the organization through massive changes in the healthcare industry and 3X growth. In 2001 (just 10 days before 9/11) Tom shifted his career path and launched into consulting and coaching full-time to help like-minded leaders and professionals accelerate achievement.

Tom continues to practice leadership – not just coach, consult, and speak about it. In 2005 Tom successfully campaigned for the office of Mayor of Hillsborough, NC. Now serving in his fourth term, Tom continues to hone the leadership skills and values he promotes in his consulting practice through fulfilling his role as Mayor of an award-winning community that’s becoming a showcase for what’s right about small town America.

Tom is the creator of over a hundred articles and podcasts on leadership, including the 7 Ideas Coach podcast series on Apple iTunes. Tom is the publisher of THINK! – an e-zine of leadership articles with subscribers around the world.