Eric Larsen



As a senior executive and an authority on leadership, Eric Larsen has lived the principles that he brings forth in his executive coaching practice. Prior to focusing on coaching, Eric spent 30 years at IBM, much of that time in management, leadership, and executive positions. During that time at IBM, Eric was regularly called on to help build new organizations, correct problems in troubled organizations, and assist in driving many organizations to a higher level of performance. He was frequently called on to coach leaders and rising leaders at IBM. The groups he led at IBM regularly exceeded their goals while maintaining the highest levels of employee morale.

After leaving IBM in 2009, Eric has maintained an active executive coaching practice working with clients in many industries. Eric’s typical clients range from high-potential individuals up through CEOs. He has logged hundreds of hours of coaching.

Eric’s coaching approach is based on real life experience and is focused on results. His objective is to discover and employ his clients’ core abilities and values and utilize them in setting and achieving their organization’s goals. Central to his approach is the inherent value of the people in the organization. As a result, Eric’s clients achieve their goals while maintaining and growing a positive work climate for the people in the organization. This is the most durable business value that an organization can have. Eric’s style is customized to each client and is a blending of Co-Active Coaching, GROW Coaching, Tilt Coaching, Mentoring, and Business Coaching. Eric’s first basis for his relationship with his clients is honesty and he is often is put in the role of a “truth teller” to people who are hungry for straight talk. The second basis for the coaching relationship is mutual trust with his clients, and the third is Eric’s highest personal value: enabling positive change for others.

Eric is the recipient of numerous industry, government, and IBM awards, including IBM’s highest award as the top people manager in the Americas. He has an Industrial Engineering degree from NC State University and has completed executive coursework in the Harvard Business School and the Boston University executive education programs. He has earned Professional Certification from Harvard and IBM’s Client Executive Program and has served on the Board of that program as well as providing training new members of that board. He has also completed the extensive coaching education with the Coaches’ Training Institute and successfully completed the rigorous programs to receive his Coaching Certifications from CTI, Tilt, and from the International Coaching Federation. Eric is a member of the ICF.