Caroline Suffern

carrie suffern

Carrie Suffern brings a strong set of leadership and technical skills to Larsen Group clients. She is also our advisor regarding Generation X, Generation Y “Millennials”, and Generation Z. In addition, Carrie coordinates Larsen Group’s Social Media activities.

Carrie has degrees from North Carolina State University in both Meteorology and Marine Science . She has a diverse working background having worked in a crime lab, working in a 30-degrees below zero ice core lab analyzing hundreds-of-years-old ice cores, working with remote sensing instruments to study the atmosphere, and being a meteorologist for the National Weather Service both in Juneau, Alaska and in Washington, DC (where her duties included doing the forecast for the White House and briefing the White House staff on weather issues). She has been in a number of leadership positions in many organizations and is widely recognized as a natural leader.

An avid adventurer, Carrie has camped in the wilderness, been north of the Arctic Circle twice, has driven the “Ice Road Truckers” road, explored glaciers, and hiked extensively. Her photo above was taken on an ice cave exploring expedition. Carrie is also an accomplished horsewoman having ridden competitively for over 20 years. She has won numerous riding awards including many champion awards at some of the country’s premiere horse competitions. On the leadership front, Carrie has run horse shows as the show manager as well as designed over fences courses and trail patterns for other horse shows.

At Larsen Group, Carrie consults with young, high-potential professionals who are starting their careers. She helps them identify realistic goals, assess their skills, identify strengths, and develop a comprehensive growth plan. She is also expert in helping other generations’ (traditionals, boomers) leaders understand how to lead the succeeding generations. Carrie is often called on to help people who want to pursue a career in federal government, science, or the equine industry.