About Larsen Group

Over the last 25 years, Eric Larsen has been studying leaders and leadership.  For Eric, the topic of leadership has transformed from an interest to a passion and now to a purpose.

Larsen Group has its roots back in 2005 when Eric began working with an executive coach.  Finding the experience of having a coach to work with “one of the most significant growth activities of my life,” Eric dedicated himself to becoming a coach for others and entered into an intensive coaching training and learning process.  During this educational time, Eric encountered some of the best coaches, trainers, facilitators, and leadership development professionals in the world.  Indeed, many of them have worked globally.  From this network of seasoned professionals, Eric has selected the team members that make up Larsen Group.

The team is dedicated to the development and growth of leaders and to infusing individuals, teams, and organizations with skills, wisdom, and insight to expand both their success and their significance.